Links I Love: Christmas Edition

on 12.15.2015

Christmas Quote + Links I Love

There’s no getting around it; I love Christmas. I love the snow, the food, the music, the special feeling that you get this time of year… And my latest obsession: Pinning to my Pinterest Christmas board. I can spend hours going through pretty photos and creative DIYs, and since I’ve come across a lot of great links this month, I thought “why not do a Christmas edition of my link roundup.”

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Free Christmas wallpaper

on 11.30.2015

Free Christmas wallpaper

How is it the 1st of December tomorrow? Time flies! And I just realized it’s been a year since I last shared a freebie on the blog — shame on me. To make up for that + kick off the new month, here’s a free Christmas wallpaper for your desktop. I love Christmas, so I really enjoyed making this… Gave me an excuse to browse pretty snow photos and turn up the Christmas music! I’ve created two versions of the wallpaper: one with a calendar and one without. Hope you all like it. Wishing you a very happy December!

Wallpaper with calendar: 2560 x 1600 | 2560 x 1440

Wallpaper without calendar: 2560 x 1600 | 2560 x 1440

This wallpaper is for personal use only and may not be sold, altered or reproduced. You are more than welcome to share it on your blog or via social media, but please credit me and link back to

Do you recognize the famous Christmas lyric that I used on the wallpaper?

Oscars 2015: My thoughts on the Best Picture nominees

on 2.22.2015


Every year when January rolls around, I wait in excitement for the announcement of the Oscar nominations. I’ve made it a habit to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the big event, and then I stay up all night to eat popcorn and watch the show with my sister (it starts at 2AM in Denmark — yes, I’m dedicated!).

This year, I thought it’d be fun to write down my thoughts about each Best Picture nominee. I won’t be giving out stars, but I will say that my favorites were Boyhood and Imitation Game.

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Free typefaces for commercial use

on 1.5.2015

If you’ve ever done commercial work, you probably know the feeling when you finally find that perfect free font… only to discover that it’s free for personal use only!

I don’t mind paying for fonts (I like supporting the talented type designers), but there are times when you just need a good, free font. That’s where comes in. One of my favorite resources, the site offers a great collection of some of the best and most popular fonts — all free for commercial use.

Here are some of my favorite free commercial typefaces:

Free typefaces and fonts for commercial use

Download links:
Montserrat | Josefin Sans | Playfair Display | Open Sans | Libre Baskerville | Learning Curve Pro | Oswald | Sail

Typography: Some basic terms

on 10.22.2014

Photography credit: Love From Ginger.

Like most designers, I love typography. I’m always spotting and recognizing typefaces, which is both a blessing and a curse. Me at a restaurant? The reason I’m taking so long isn’t that I don’t know what to order… I’m silently judging the font choice. I know, what a designer thing to say, but was it really necessary to print the entire menu in 40pt Comic Sans MS?

Today, I’d like to share my love and appreciation for typography by explaining a few basic terms.

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Freebie: October desktop wallpaper

on 10.2.2014

Free desktop wallpaper - an October freebie from

I can’t believe it’s October already. Where did the time go? Beats me… but to kick off the new month, I have a free wallpaper for your desktop! You can download it below.

This wallpaper is for personal use only and may not be sold, altered or reproduced. You are more than welcome to share it on your blog, but please credit me and link back to

The wallpaper should fit most screen sizes, but if it doesn’t fit yours, let me know. Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to make sure you don’t miss any future posts. Happy October!

How to add an Instagram feed to your blog

on 9.22.2014

How to add Instagram to your blog

What do the above photos tell you? I like stripes, I like flowers, and I like food. Oh, and I like taking pictures of those things and sharing them with others. I can’t be the only one, right? Instagram has more than 200 million users and seems to be pretty darn popular in the blogosphere, so today I’d like to share a quick and easy way to add an Instagram feed to your blog.

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